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Is SharePoint 365 right for you?

Make an informed choice and get the help you need


The online version of SharePoint offers many advantages to the usual "on-premise" model.

We can help you work through the pluses and minuses of the 365 approach, so you end up with a roadmap geared for your short-medium and long terms needs.

The Pluses


Less hassle: No on-premise infrastructure

Low license costs

Auto update of SharePoint

Good fit for many small-medium businesses

Good fit for extranets as you don't have to pay license fees for externals

Regulatory and PRA compliance possible with iWorkplace Records Manager product. See product page and whitepaper on Harnessing the power of SharePoint

Potential Issues


Data Sovereignty - your content is held overseas

Latency and Bandwidth - potential for slower speeds, especially with larger files

Limited Flexibility - Harder to overcome out-of-the box limitations of SharePoint as "server-side" locked down

Auto Update - Office 365 updates regularly. This can mean the interface and functionality changes for users. You may need to be in a position to respond rapidly to this.

Integration Harder - to your on-premise systems, but will get better over time

Storage Costs unclear - reasonably cheap but the amount you pay will increase as more content is added and OOTB limited tools to analyse and remove old content without iWorkplace Records Manager



Proceed with SharePoint 365

Pilot 365 to determine fit

Consider Local Cloud - hosted in New Zealand. e.g. Revera c-Stack or Homeland - uses the on premise version of SharePoint

Consider on-premise SharePoint

Self Sufficiency

  We'll help you become as self sufficient as you wish, with our training & mentoring in systems architecture, information architecture, recordkeeping, change management & user support



You can use our proven Change Management tactics, that support progressive or full roll-out

Let us help you decide

BARTERCARD case study

This presentation was given by Jared Burgess of Bartercard and David Seel at the 2015 NZDWC