SharePoint for EDRMS

Sensible pricing. Many reference sites. All skills in-house

Today, your money can go further with much lower annual software assurance costs and users and recordkeepers can all get the usability and functionality they need.


Got an aging EDRMS? Chances are we can implement a brand new SharePoint EDRMS with much lower ongoing license fees for the cost of 1-2 years of the software assurance per annum you are paying now. 


Here is how we can make your new EDRMS or PRA compliance project a success...

Plan Right
Gain Support
             A senior Consultant or Director can come onsite and talk about/demo/answer questions about the options or our experience. We can work with you to create a Roadmap & Costing Model. This builds the business case & outlines all the key steps & skills needed. It also assesses & addresses how to deal with the risks.

We'll help you choose the best infrastructure approach - on premise versus hosted.

Our system health checks give you rapid & authoritative feedback on your current infrastructure & potential issues to be resolved.

We can design & build your Systems Architecture , so whatever you start with will be future proof, and can extend into intranet and collaboration.


  We use a facilitated process to work through design choices for metadata, site/list/library structures, navigation, findability, look and feel, security etc. We use our proven Design Wiki approach create an architecture and design governance that meets your specific needs.

Self Sufficiency 

  We'll help you become as self sufficient as you wish, with our training & mentoring in systems architecture, information architecture, change management/governance, recordkeeping & user support.


  You can use our proven Change Management tactics, that support progressive or full roll-out. We will work through recordkeeping setup, in a way that avoids the usually EDRMS compromises between what users and recordkeepers want.

Be a success story

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Next Steps

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Linda Bardell, Records Manager, Wanganui District Council