SharePoint for Intranet

Build or redevelop an intranet that staff love and use regularly

We can take you through our structured step-by-step process so you can build skills and commitment, keep costs down and deal with the most important thing- content...


           An intranet strategy can get you off to the right start with a clear vision; common understanding of what an intranet should deliver; governance & roles; & the approach to integration with other systems (e.g. CRM, document management, collaboration sites; line of business systems).

Creating the right mix of functionality & features supported by metadata, classification & navigation to allow staff to quickly & consistently file & find content.

& Systems
  From the planning & design of your system architecture through to installation, maintenance & support & including integration & workflows where appropriate.

Increase staff skills & DIY capabilities    While we often provide a full turn-key service, we also like working closely with your staff to give them the skills and tools to build and support their intranet.

This saves costs and helps build the internal buy-in and resilience of your intranet over time. We provide training, mentoring and workshops to allocate and review intranet related tasks that staff can do.

Content   Working with you & your users to shape the content & findability options including migration where appropriate


Next Steps

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easy to use


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We love building intranets that users love. In these intranets, content is always up-to-date and easy to find with the intranet growing and improving on a regular basis. In this way, the intranet becomes the destination of choice for people to find and work on what they need - this brings your organisation's Digital Strategy alive.

Kristy Archer 

Senior SharePoint Consultant