The Public Records Act & Local Government Records & Archives

How does the Public Records Act apply to local authority records? 

How can I manage them for the benefit of my authority and its staff AND be compliant? 

What are Local Authority Archives and how can I set up and manage one for my Authority?

Information Leadership is offering the following course to support Public Records for Better agency outcomes.

This two day course introduces participants to the key provisions contained in the Public Records Act as they apply to local authority records and archives.


Content includes:

icon arrow The difference between local authority records and local authority protected records and how to identify each

icon arrow What it means to create and maintain records and archives

icon arrow Common issues in creating and maintaining records

icon arrow The benefits of good recordkeeping and how to explain these to others

icon arrow How the PRA applies to different formats

icon arrow How the PRA applies to records created by council controlled organisations (CCOs)

icon arrow The management of digitisation projects

icon arrow The relationship between the PRA and the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) as well as the Privacy Act

icon arrow Key functions of a local authority archive

icon arrow Considerations when setting up a local authority archive

icon arrow How to implement the Local Government Schedule

icon arrow How to decide what records to keep

icon arrow Different approaches to arranging and describing archives

icon arrow New Records and Information Management Standard for the Public Sector


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Your Tutor

Paddy Plunket
Master IM in Information Systems; BA

Paddy is an information management specialist. Her work includes taxonomy development, retention and desposal schedule design, Public Records Act audits and change management.

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"Thanks for a great two days at the PRA for LG training this week, I’ve already been able to work on some recommendations yesterday and today in our IM!"

"Group work was great it was helpful hearing other people's ideas"

"Friendly presentation style that allowed lots of questions.  Relevant to local govt. situation"

"Receiving all up to date information on keeping records - I've been in the job a year now and everything is making more sense"