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quote Implementations

"Working with Information Leadership has allowed EIT to implement a Sharepoint portal for our Quality Management system that meets not only our immediate requirements but also the long term requirements of EIT.

Because of their extensive experience with Sharepoint, Information Leadership were able to provide the skills and knowledge that we did not have. We found David and Chrissie to be very approachable and helpful through out the project."

Jane Beale, Project Manager, Eastern Institute of Technology


"The team at Information Leadership assisted ERMA with our SharePoint installation of an EDRMS. We were not sure at the start just how to map our requirements pertaining to records into SharePoint. Grant, Jos, David and Anita were all critical throughout the process - from taxonomy construction, change management through to server build. 

IL’s professionalism, experience and hard work was critical for what has been a tremendous success.

I appreciated the practical and pragmatic approach taken - we weren’t after a Rolls Royce, we wanted a solution that just worked the way we do - we now have an application that is fit for purpose"

Mark Harris, ERMA


"Information Leadership put a whole lot of things together to make life easier in-house and for our regional advisors. We had SharePoint before, but we didn’t have all of the smart features that they applied to it.

The Commission needed better management of their enquiries, we now have automated recording of our enquiries and the ability to sort and display them, which has made our management much easier and saved us a lot of time- it’s a great feature.

We’re very happy with the result because it ticks a lot of boxes for us. We now have a smarter system that meets our IT needs,"

Helen Barker, Corporate Services Manager, Walking Access Commission


“A lot of other people working in the sector say that they are experts in SharePoint, but with them, SharePoint is their bread and butter – it’s their core application and they have an exceptional understanding of how it works and how it can be applied to businesses,”

Chris Walmsley, Information Systems Manager, Rotorua General Practice Group

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quote Intranet

"Information Leadership assisted us with the first phase launch of our company Intranet which has provided our business with an enhanced communication and engagement platform. Ian Morrish and Ivan Peters were meticulous in getting us to this first goal.

We are looking forward to working with Information Leadership in launching our Intranet to the remainder of our New Zealand and Global Business in the coming months."

Kate Dempsey, Craggy Range


"We had anticipated our new intranet to be a moderately priced solution spanning many months in delivery, but as it happened the iWorkplace version we are implementing at the same time for EDRMS could now cater for our intranet needs at very little cost and delivery was a matter of weeks, perfect timing, great solution!"

Kahl Olsen, ICT Manager, Hawkes Bay Regional Council

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quote Compliance

"A big thank you for your great support last week and for having the answers to all the auditors questions around the plan for electronic records using SharePoint!

You probably noted how interested (and impressed) they were with this area, especially with the design process as documented in the Design Wiki and around the R&D Manager. The oral report back we received at the end of the audit was very positive, and we should have the written report from Archives NZ within three weeks.

We are feeling very pleased about this result, as it really validates the direction we’re heading in, and the resources that have been committed."

Trish Brimblecombe, Whitireia Community Polytechnic, Project Manager, Policy, Programmes and Systems


"Our experience with Records Manager has been the missing piece of the puzzle for us, the reporting options are amazing and it gives us a great overview of all our records and how they are being used.

Our day one training with Paddy was insightful and gave us a great grounding for the work that we need to do to ensure our retention & disposal schedule is well thought out and useable. Records Manager is a great tool, so easy to use following the same SharePoint functionality so you don’t have to learn how to navigate around a new product."

Linda Bardell, Wanganui District Council

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quote Technical

"Over the past six years I have worked with three different vendors to assist with our SharePoint development. Information Leadership always end up on top being our preferred vendor. They have a team of highly skilled people who understand our business, our SharePoint/Knowledge Management requirements as well as our budget constraints. They have provided services for on-going technical support when we didn’t have a Farm Administrator, deployment planning for our SharePoint upgrades (SP2003 to MOSS2007 to SP2013) and provided project management services for the installation and migration of these upgrades.

The IL team pay great attention to detail when assisting with the planning process, making sure nothing is left out and contingencies are in place for when the unknown occurs. They are hands on with problem solving, spending time getting it done rather than evaluating the job and providing us with quotes, saving us time and money. They are great at communicating and always keep us informed of progress."

Jolene Townshend, Corporate Knowledge Manager, Kordia


"Our recent upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to 2010, was complicated by the need for both our Christchurch and Scott Base servers to go live simultaneously, as we mirror all content by replicating across a limited bandwidth satellite datalink.

After technical dependencies were determined, Meta added rigour to the planning process and provided time estimates which proved accurate. Technical issues that we encountered were quickly addressed by Jos, who graciously made himself available outside business hours to reduce disruption. Risk was further mitigated by Antarctica New Zealand’s IT administrator flying south to install the new Scott Base server, during a narrow window of late winter flights.

After successfully deploying the new SharePoint 2010 server, he then had to remain down on the Ice until flights resumed in October! All in all, the project went very smoothly and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Information Leadership to other companies considering a SharePoint upgrade."

Greg Jack, Information Services Team Leader, Antarctica New Zealand


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quote iWorkplace

"Design Wiki really prompted us to start making governance and infrastructure decisions about the metadata for the project.

Having a template to work from meant we were aware of best practice but could still personalise and own the process, ensuring it suited the way we worked."

Inge Jensen, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic


"In a normal vendor / client relationship we would have to pay for the development of each site. With iWorkplace, the intention is to be able to share site designs for business activities.

We’ve done HR Recruitment and Policy and Procedures and we’re making this available to the other ITPs. They can use them, pick them up, copy our design exactly if they want to or they can modify them to suit their own taste but whatever happens they will be able to save a lot of expense and time by not having to start from scratch for each business area.

We will pick up on other peoples’ business areas and use their designs as appropriate. Working together the workload is shared an awful lot."

Rob Talbot, IT Manager, Aoraki Polytechnic


"I found the DesignBank and the collaboration site very useful for direction and ideas and to check that I was on the right track. I gained from information that was shared on the Information Leadership site and learned a lot from the experience of other Polytechnics,"

Inge Jensen, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic

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quote Information Architecture 

"Rather than telling us what the technology could do and then how we could explain that to the users, Information Leadership was focused on what we needed as users, or would work best for us. They listened to our proposals based on our experience and then worked with us to make the technology fit and meet those needs.

We had been approached a few times by organisations wanting to develop standard metadata for us - and the cost had always been prohibitive, so we did without. Information Leadership had previously worked with several DHBs to develop common metadata, so had this information on hand, which not only was great from our point of view - but it meant that in many cases users are using consistent metadata across both Nexus and their own internal systems".

Julian Inch, CEO, DHBNZ

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quote Taxonomy Development 

"Whether print or online, Yellow pages® utilises headings and categories to enable a user to search for the most relevant advertiser to help with the problem they are trying to solve. Earlier this year, we undertook a full taxonomy review; reviewing all of the many thousand categories, the hierarchical relationships between them, and the associated descriptions for each. 

The resultant work published as an ontology map of category based online search at Yellow. The work was challenging, with tight timeframes, yet Information Leaderships’ phenomenally innovative and intelligent approach, utilising extensive use of visual mindmaps and proprietary database tools enabled a successful and satisfying outcome for all stakeholders".

Rob Cooke, Head of Digital Properties, Yellow Pages Group® NZ


"The brief was fully met by ILC with apparent ease. ILC was able to get across our business remarkably quickly and provide us with a draft taxonomy shortly after its first series of workshops. These were run with each business group, each lasting no longer than an hour. From this point forward, the taxonomy was refined through business team review and testing with sample documents from our current EDRMS.

Well within the anticipated deadline, we had a near complete taxonomy requiring only minor refinement for adoption by KMS project team. In the process of developing this taxonomy, ILC also provided us with unsolicited but enormously useful advice on the design of our information management systems. The generosity with which this advice was provided is one point that separates ILC from the others.

ILC brought a mix of thorough knowledge of EDRM systems and practical know how. If you want a group that knows what it is doing and is prepared to roll up its sleeves and get on with the job, you can’t go past ILC. We will have no hesitation using ILC on other parts of our KMS project in the near future or other information projects longer term."

Matthew Brougham, CEO, Pharmac

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quote RecordKeeping

"We were delighted to receive the letter from Archives NZ advising the approval of the SIT Appraisal Report and Schedule. This is a very significant milestone for us in the project that we have been pursuing for the past year.

I would like to acknowledge your patient work with us throughout this project. We have now reached the point of having a clear sense of what is necessary to make the required improvements to systems and processes at SIT. Thank you for your role in this evolution, and to Meta also, for her significant contribution to the successful outcome with Archives NZ.".

Julian Mess, Deputy CEO / Academic Manager, Southern Institute of Technology

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quote Retention & Disposal   

"We used the services of Information Leadership Consulting to help us find a solution for our old paper records. We worked with Meta Mair who we found to be very practical in her approach.

She had in-depth knowledge of the obligation of government department to Archives NZ and acted as a conduit between ourselves and Archives. She reapplied for the review our disposal schedule to change the definition of terms therein using other government disposal schedules as a case study.

This innovative solution that Meta recommended and implemented has saved us potentially millions of dollars in cost for imaging and storage."

Michael Brosnahan, Operations Manager Business Registries, MED

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quote EDRMS Assessment  

"Otorohanga District Council recently employed Information Leadership Consulting to undertake an independent assessment of our Electronic Document and Records Management.

The report produced by ILC clearly identified the strengths and weaknesses of our implementation. It further identified opportunities for enhancements and recommendations on how to carry them out.

ILC willingness to get alongside staff at all levels within our organisation emphasised their very professional and knowledgeable approach. Their report has enabled us to further develop and progress our EDMS with confidence."

Otorohanga District Council

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quote Change Management

"Sarah worked with me on the Document Management Project as Project Manager / Change Manager. Sarah definitely met all of the timeframes and generally delivered ahead of time. Sarah worked very hard with us to deliver an excellent outcome and took a very strong personal commitment to the successful outcome of the project.

Her energy and enthusiasm rubbed off on those she came into contact with, and she was able to have fun while doing so".

Stephen Merrick, Metrowater

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quote Knowledge Transfer

"The key advantage of working with Information Leadership is their ability to transfer knowledge to staff and to use internal staff skills.There is almost an expectation that your staff will learn and carry on. This is good because some vendors just come in, do their bit and walk away. The knowledge transfer is the key thing that Information Leadership does. It is a key point of difference."

Sam Fitzgerald, Client Services Manager, Open Polytechnic


"Information Leadership is terrific at knowledge transfer. They are keen to see us learn and be aware of the system and its tweaks, by making sure we understand what they are doing from a technical perspective. This has been great learning for our team."

Jolene Townshend, Corporate Knowledge Manager, Kordia


"Information Leadership not only helped us to get the project off the ground, but on a personal level also got me more involved in the sector and grew my own skills, which I really valued,"

Samantha Fitzgerald, Open Polytechnic


"In the process of developing this taxonomy, ILC also provided us with unsolicited but enormously useful advice on the design of our information management systems. The generosity with which this advice was provided is one point that separates Information Leadership from the others"

Matthew Brougham, CEO, Pharmac

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