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Webinars, Roadshow and Whitepapers


Roadshow keynote event on the future of document management

Roadshow WGN2

Here is your chance to get the latest information on how in New Zealand O365 is transforming how work gets done, and saving significant ongoing costs on outdated technology.

> Attended by over 150 people in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in Sept 2017

> Primarily for government agencies but also relevant to businesses and not-for-profit organisations

> Audience: Non technical presentation for key Managers, CIOs, IM and IT leaders

> This recording is from the Wellington Roadshow event Sept 2017

Webinars on document management and digital workplace innovation


#01 - Smart Metadata

Wouldn’t it be great if the users’ experience is as simple as Windows Explorer but metadata is automatically captured. This innovative solution gives all of the power of document management and search. 


#02 - Managing Critical Documents

We use stories from local and central government, health, science and manufacturing to show how to deal with the challenges around security, reliability and publishing of policies and procedures and other critical documents.


#03 - Managing Document Templates

Do staff struggle to find the right template for a report, letter, checklist or other key documents? Find out how you can use templates and forms to drive consistency and embed new practices.


#04 - Smart Records

See how record keeping to PRA levels, adoption monitoring and governance are made easy in SharePoint


Three Whitepapers

Avoid common gotchas: Your 365/SharePoint Online implementation checklist

This whitepaper provides a summary of our experiences working with organisations who are, or have moved to SharePoint Online in Office 365. It provides insights on the common “implementation gotchas” we are seeing and the methods and techniques we are using to counter these.

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Building sustainable 365/SharePoint Online deployments: Lessons from the field

Target the 12 most common sources of failure of SharePoint implementations.
Information Leadership has been directly involved in over a hundred serious New Zealand SharePoint implementations, and seen or reviewed that number again. Surprisingly, many of the failures that happen, do so not immediately but one to two years after implementation. This whitepaper outlines our insights on what makes implementations successful or not.

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Making OneDrive for Business the Game Changer it can be

365 and One Drive for Business can lead to a great result for IT (reduced costs and hassle). Users also benefit from good tools, offline access, easy filing/finding and document management without metadata entry.
This paper walks through One Drive for Business’s strengths and limitations that need to be understood and taken into account.

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Workshop 1 & 2


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