365 Roadshow Sept 2017

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View the video of this keynote event on the future of document management

Here is your chance to get the latest information on how in New Zealand O365 is transforming how work gets done, and saving significant ongoing costs on outdated technology.

Brought to you by Microsoft NZ and Information Leadership

Attended by over 150 people in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in Sept 2017

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Exciting new approaches to document management


See what other NZ organisations are achieving

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Practitioner led sessions – get the real story. And time for Q&A...

rGraph Diagram

What your implementation plan looks like, including moving from what you have now...

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Understanding and squaring off key risks, for a good start and sustainable future


Who do you involve and what’s involved, and what help is available

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Costs (excluding GST):
Workshop 1, Planning and Tactics: $895 | In-house $2500
Workshop 2, Design & Build: $1300 |  In-house $4500
Workshop 1 & 2: $1950 | In-house $5900

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Workshop 2: Design & Build


Workshop 1 & 2


Cost (excluding GST):
Workshop 1, Planning and Tactics: $895 | In-house $2500

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