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Change Management & Governance

Learn and exploit our targeted change management & governance tactics
to energise your implementation.

Our methodology works with a wide range of IT and IM projects. 

It is based upon on proven model that targets a wide range of issues and circumstances. We will often help an organisation develop their plan and then deliver the parts they wish to out source, and/or provide guidance and support as needed.

This includes delivering on key facets including:


Messages & Comms Plan

Identify key messages for different audiences & how to deliver these


Learning styles

Building in a range of complementary learning & comms styles to get maximum attention


People & Politics

Identifying and using ways of engaging difficult people and issues


Roles & Responsibilities

Working through what people need to be doing what - during the project & into BAU


Champions Network

Building a network of staff who will bring the project alive within the organisation


Building Executive Buy-in

Gain their support with an effective business case plus stakeholder management throughout the project


Roll-out Priorities

Working through how, when and who to roll-out to, for maximum effect 


Smart Policies & Procedures

Determine rules that will work in the real world and how to roll them out and monitor them


REALLY making work better

Testing & holding the designs & implementation to account

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 Read the whitepaper on Building Sustainable SharePoint Deployments that showcases the methodology that can also be applied to other IM/IT projects

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What our Customers Say

"His [Grant's] ability to rapidly assimilate the organisational context for change, plan & implement a stimulating workshop programme, to sense & respond to the differing styles among key players is in my opinion exceptional". Read more..


Read the Hamilton City Council case study for supporting their EDRMS implementation