Digital Strategy

Is digital enablement on your radar?

How do we build a strategy?

What is a digital strategy? How do we create one?

What benefits can we expect and what does "good" look like?

Do we stick with current systems or move to new ones?

What should our priorities be?

How to we engage with our staff and customers?

What about the information mess we have now?

What is included in a strategy/roadmap

ssr bizcase

Business Case tuned to your priorities

ssr cost

Cost Model and options

ssr report

Report, presentation material & infographics

ssr roadmap

Roadmap elements to implement based on proven tactics

ssr change

Change Management & Governance actions

ssr risk

Key risks identified and mitigants

What we take into account

ssr 1win

Your business drivers & key pain points

Review of mission, vision & values and how these influence the strategy

ssr 1culture

Changing customer perceptions & needs

Customers expect to be able to interact digitally - easy to use, on their devices and options to self serve

ssr 1inhouse

End to end digital processes

So staff have the information & tools they need wherever they are and whatever the need

ssr 1system

Criteria for choosing future systems

So you can see what current systems can remain and be upgraded versus moving to new cloud technologies

ssr 1budget

How do we sell this to stakeholders

How will the strategy pay its way and make us financially stronger

ssr 1priority

What the priorities should be

How do we get traction early & build from this , using the resources we have?