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Taxonomies & Metadata

Future proof your implementation with consistent ways of
filing, finding & managing all content.

We use a proven methodology to engage with teams to get the "file and find" simplicity they need, as well as organisation-wide consistency, be it a make-over or starting afresh.


This includes: 

Process & Tools

We can run lively and engaging workshops with teams to build the taxonomy live. Following this, the taxonomy gets tightened up and then tested against real content.

FASC Modelling

We use the Function-Activity-SubActivity-Case model to simplify filing and finding for users. This includes identifying and explicitly building in important case files.

Other Hierarchies

Other hierarchies are also catered for, depending on the organisation. This can include: geographic location, teams, subject matter expertise, assets.

Thinking Ahead

We believe in building retention & disposal into the taxonomy upfront to drive the rules and actions that determine when content is disposed right from the start.

Many Sectors,
Many Taxonomies

Our model taxonomies speed up the process and reduce the risk and cost. Sectors include:

icon arrow Product and services directories

icon arrow Health

icon arrow Education

icon arrow Science

icon arrow Utility

icon arrow Local Government

icon arrow Professional Services

icon arrow Engineering

icon arrow Corporate Services (for all organisations)



Next Steps

What our customers say

"We undertook a full taxonomy review, IL's phenomenally innovative & intelligent approach, enabled a successful & satisfying outcome for all stakeholders”. Read more..

Rob Cooke, Head of Digital Properties, Yellow Pages Group® NZ