HARMON.IE for email and mobile

Get more from SharePoint with proven extension products

SharePoint is a powerful general purpose enterprise content management system. SharePoint can do more without getting into one-off software development by using extensions specifically designed to enhance it. We've partnered with the following organisation that provide reliable add-ins:



For Outlook & OWA 

Harmon.ie for Outlook is a user adoption game changer. In Outlook you can see at the same time an Outlook email folder AND a SharePoint library, with a context menu to work effectively in SharePoint from there. You can drag/drop both ways (to add emails to SharePoint, or add an attachment or link to an email). Slickly done!


For on & offline use via HTML5 to iOS, Android & Windows Phone

Excellent online and offline interface allowing for a wide range of BYOD. This includes pdf reading and marking up app, making it perfect for meeting notes as well as onsite visits.