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Avoid expensive one-off software development with extensions designed to enhance SharePoint.


We've partnered with Harmon.ie to let your users work with SharePoint from within Outlook and on their mobile devices, even when offline!

Secure sharing
Secure sharing
Discover content
Discover content
Capture emails
Capture emails

Your email and mobile solution


Harmon.ie for email is the user adoption game changer! View your SharePoint library from within Outlook, and drag and drop both ways. Adding emails to SharePoint, and adding secure links to emails, has never been easier.


Harmon.ie for mobile is perfect for site visits and meeting notes. Access to SharePoint with smooth PDF reading and markup functionality on your iOS, Android and Windows device - with offline capabilities!


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Can users change their habits?

Even we can struggle to get users to save their important emails into SharePoint - what difference does Harmon.ie really make?

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