Empower Toolboxes

Give your designers and super users tools to create great document management and intranet solutions

Empower for Document Management consists of three tools that elegantly tackle business needs for document control – Users can create new documents from corporate templates, Admin staff can manage the creation and use of case files with complex permissions, Users can send documents by email directly from SharePoint, with a record of the transmittal being created. 

Empower for Intranet gives the web team and super users elegant and simple ways of displaying content – in ways that bring pages in a site to life – even when the content displayed comes from another site. Smart Branding creates excellent look and feel at a sensible price.



Allows users in their document libraries to create a new document from a  “New from template” button. This lets them pick from relevant templates for that library.

This means you can have confidence that changed documentation or branding will be widely used as soon as the centralised template is updated.



Simplifies case file management, by making it easy for teams to create and maintain their cases, without having to have SharePoint administrator rights.

Create for jobs; contracts; personnel files; incidents etc.



Lets you be sure you know what crosses your organisational borders. Important documents can be sent as original files or in pdf format direct from SharePoint and copied to the user’s email as well.

Great for contracts, variations, key reports, requests for information.



Smarten up your intranet with visually striking tools for displaying news; lists; links; tag clouds; reference documents, located in any site.

Great for home pages; reference pages like “working here” and team or project site home pages.



Turn a site’s publishing pages into a flexible and intuitive hierarchy for users. The metadata for each page includes its “parent page”. This then creates for the page the breadcrumb that shows the page in relation to its parent and the parent’s parent etc .

Great for How To’s; Working Here; Knowledge Base etc.



Creating a custom look and feel to match your organisation’s branding can be expensive and risky. We’ve taken the cost and risk out through our design and interview process that allows changes to around a dozen variables.

Most designs are created for under $10k.