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Smart Case Files

Case file management made easy

iWorkplace™ Smart Case Files simplifies case file management, by making it easy for teams to create and maintain their cases, without having to have administrator rights.

Completed case files are automatically moved to remove clutter, and Flexi Viewer search and browse gives instant access across cases as needed.

With iWorkplace™ Smart Case Files you can:

Create Folders

Automatically create a new folder in a document library for a case file (or project/matter) by adding a new item to a case file list.

Manage Permissions

Add the contributors and approvers to the list and have these permissions applied to the folder.

Apply default metadata

Apply default metadata to documents stored in the new folder based on values added to the list. If documents are moved between folders Smart Folders ensures that default metadata is updated.

Manage completed items

When the status is changed in the case file list the folder is moved to another library with the name of the status.

Simplify R&D

Retention and Disposal becomes easier in cases where you don't know when content is created how long it needs to be kept for (e.g. the as built drawings for a building need to be kept till the building is sold or destroyed). When a case file is closed, its content can be automatically moved from a "active" area to an "archive" area. The active area has no R&D rules whereas the archive one does, and starts the countdown to disposal. 


A visual representation looks like this:

Smart Folders

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