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Smart Intranet

Get more from your intranet with less customisation and hassle

iWorkplace™ Smart Intranet allows users to access their own business-as-usual workplaces, as well as organisational know-how, know-who and means of interacting with others.

iWorkplace™ Smart Intranet is a set of webparts that extend SharePoint specifically for intranet use:

Smart Links

Minimise time spent maintaining links. Smart Links publishes links to list or library items in a familiar 'intranet site map' style. Information can be made available wherever it is needed. No more manual creation of links or associated maintenance hassle.

Smart Nav Bar

A collapsing NavBar draws links from a list. Smart Nav publishes links to list or library items as a vertical navigation bar with flexible display, filtering and grouping options. This web part ensures information available wherever it is needed.

Smart News

A news web part that can display thumbnail images, summary text and different link options. Using Smart News helps ensure that news is delivered to all staff in real-time.

Tag Cloud

This versatile Tag Cloud allows you to point at one or all lists and libraries in a site, and create a tag cloud of one column of metadata. When the user clicks on the tag, a page is launched, that can be configured to show results including metadata for the item you want.

Parent Page

Define structure for the pages within a library. The Parent Page column, when added to a pages library, allows you to designate another page in the library as the parent of the current page. The iWorkPlace Breadcrumb will recognise this column and automatically display the appropriate path.

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