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Template Central

At last, a practical solution for managing large numbers of document templates

iWorkplace™ Template Central allows centrally managed templates to be made available for users.
As templates can be centrally managed, changes made to a template become immediately available throughout SharePoint.

Setup a template library

Set up one or more template libraries on your server and create views of these for different audiences.

Create views for different audiences

Consider who will be using the templates and create the relevant grouped, sorted views they will use to pick a template. Templates can be security trimmed as well, so that staff see more or less templates depending on their role.

Link user libraries to the template library

For any document library, link the template library and the relevant view of it you want for an audience.

Users access templates

To access a template, its as easy as a user selects “NEW” in their document library and then clicks “NEW FROM TEMPLATE” and gets the grouped sorted list of available templates that have been set up for them.

Key Benefits: Document templates are a great way to increase consistency and productivity.
Template Central helps by:

icon arrow Keeping templates up to date. Staff access up to date versions of document templates directly from their own document libraries, even though the templates are centrally controlled and maintained.

icon arrow Improving selection. As Template Central can filter, group and sort templates, staff get to choose from only those that are relevant to what they are doing.

icon arrow Being user friendly. So they are much more inclined to use them, as opposed to creating their own ad hoc copies that get out of date and don't reflect corporate branding or standards.


Access Resources

  • Read the whitepaper on how Template Central helps