Enterprise Toolbox

Get the extra flexibility and efficiency to deal with the scale of larger implementations

Enterprise provides users with tools for dealing with the scale and complexity of larger implementations. In particular, the new Search Grid gets users the best of both worlds – the powerful and fast SharePoint Search engine coupled to a structured view of the results that can be grouped and sorted.

For those supporting business as usual, it gives them automated provisioning tools that they can use to efficiently roll out new sites or bulk update configuration details in existing ones. Provisioning templates can also be created and safely passed on to local team admin people to create new sites as they require without having to give them administrator rights.



This returns search results in a spreadsheet like table. Results can be returned already filtered, grouped and sorted and users can change this plus output the returned result to a spreadsheet or pdf.

Great for “single view of a …” scenarios like all documents about property, customer, asset etc.



As your implementation grows and you get more and more workplace types, you’ll need a means of efficiently creating these sites. Smart Provisioning allows super users to tell SharePoint to build sites to a particular specification.

This can be done 4-10 times more efficiently than doing it by hand, plus with far more consistency.



Smart Entity allows users to quickly link a document to one or more properties, customers, products or assets. It does this by accessing the lookup list from SharePoint or another system.

When the link is created, other information can be stored in SharePoint pertaining to the link. For instance, linking to a customer can return to SharePoint the address or type of customer.



This provides all the functionality of Flexi Viewer but can aggregate results from up to 5-10 lists or libraries.



This allows users to select one or more documents in a library and copy or move them in their original format or as PDFs to another library.