Microsoft Teams Governance

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Microsoft Teams brings together communications, collaboration, files, and information. Users love it, but without a deliberate approach to design and governance, Teams can quickly grow and create new silos of info.

Our framework gives you thinking, tools, training and a plan to take back control and get more value from this amazing interface.

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Too many teams

By default anyone can create a team (and its associated SharePoint site). This leads to multiple Teams and confusion about where to work

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Hard to find what I need

“Where did we work on that report?"
As use grows over time info gets compartmentalised & mistakes happen

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Too many admins

By default Team owners & members can change key settings on the SharePoint sites - this can make it harder for users to use and even access this info

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Sensitive information risks

Personal or sensitive information held in Teams can become a ticking time bomb. Is content being held in Teams that should have been disposed of or secured?

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Compliance & info accidents

All of the above raises risk and potential liability for indefensible disposal, not to mention making it even harder to gather the info needed for OIA, LGOIMA or Ministerial requests

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Why is Teams not making work better?

You and others getting disillusioned and returning to email, meetings, and file share use

What iWorkplace for Microsoft Teams looks like

Global search

Access silos of information with global search refined by team & channel


Use a deliberate approach to governance and architect channels

Edit documents

See and edit all documents across Teams to bring together communication, collaboration, and information

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How you can have it all

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See what good looks like

Let us show you how you can have the ease and flexibility Teams provides, coupled to confidence and control that it is being used effectively as a business tool and repository

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Workshop your plan

We will work through all the options available using MS teams, resulting in a pragmatic governance plan

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Clean up the Teams you have

We have methods you can use to quickly review and cleanup and/or consolidate Teams - so you go from thousands to tens

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Determine the right mix of Teams

Let users request the type they need so it is automatically built for them with standardised metadata and plumbed into search and navigation

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Control & confidence

Keep, manage and protect files in Teams for as long as necessary, and surface them with great search

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Retention & disposal

Run retention & disposal rules over all Teams files, keeping crucial info & removing transitory info, based on your compliance & privacy needs

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Find files wherever they are

Use search with refinement by Team/Channel to find files created in any Teams you have access to

Our structured way of delivering collaboration and ECM no matter where your staff and customers are:

Remote working with Teams.

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