Make 365 Teams awesome!

Ease & flexibility without the chaos

iWorkplace Apps let your organisation have it both ways:

Easy and flexible for users plus giving you the power to organise,
find and manage content across all Teams and Channels

Challenges with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams - easy to use and flexible

Users love to use it, giving better collaboration and less use of email & file shares

The lost in plain sight problem

As use grows over time information gets compartmentalised – “where did we put report? Or “didn’t you know about the xyz meeting notes?” type problems. How do we keep the important content?

Sensitive Information Risks

And here comes GDPR & local privacy legislation. Teams can also become a privacy time bomb with content held there that should have been disposed of.

What iWorkplace delivers for Teams

teams control

iWorkplace adds control & confidence

Files stored in Teams can be surfaced  through Search over time and kept, managed & protected for as long as they are needed.

teams rules1

Run retention & disposal rules

over all Teams files, so you keep crucial information but remove transitory information and  files based on privacy obligations.

teams analyse

Analyse and Act

Our iWorkplace Smart Records lets Information Managers see all files, wherever they are held; whatever permissions they have. Actions including copy & move files, update metadata, create new metadata columns & delete files.

teams copy

Copy or move important files

to permanent homes that a wider or targeted audience can see and access via Search.

teams search

Way Better Search

Find files created in Teams in SharePoint Search, including filtering down by Team or Channel. Or a scoped search of just Team’s files.

teams bau

Do real BAU work in Teams

Add structured subfolders to channels, that tag files in the folder with metadata. This makes it easier to find or browse content with iWorkplace Smart Metadata.

teams template

Access document templates

iWorkplace Template Central allows users to create new files from corporately controlled document templates accessed directly from their Team’s Library.

See some examples of the power of the iWorkplace for Teams approach


Global search refined by Team & Channel


Channels deliberately architected


Global management & actions on Teams docs

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