AI & Autoclassification

With the never-ending deluge of content, AI and auto-classification are being heralded as the ‘knights on white horses’ who will eliminate or reduce metadata entry by users.

But how likely is this really?

In this provocative paper we explore:

  • Where AI and auto-classification are heading and a comparison of methods
  • What they are good for and where they are not suitable including real examples
  • Real examples of how metadata entry has been eliminated and how adoption skyrockets
  • Implications for file share migration to ECM
  • What is next and how you can make sure you take advantage of this next technology wave

This paper was delivered at the ALGIM Annual Conference in October 2018.

Grant Margison

Whitepaper by Grant Margison, Director and Co-founder.

Tags Change Management Implementation Planning Artificial Intelligence Data Document Management ECM EDRMS Information Management Knowledge Management Recordkeeping Retention and Disposal Taxonomy