Executive Sponsor Role

The 2016 Information and Records Management Standard sets out the minimum requirements for compliance with the Public Records Act. This provides the framework for how all public offices and Councils must approach their information management and recordkeeping initiatives and the governance of these. A key requirement is for all public offices and Councils to have an Executive Sponsor of Information and Records Management...

But what does this really mean? And where should the Executive Sponsor focus their attention?

This whitepaper gives straightforward answers to these questions and pragmatic next steps that your organisation can take, including:

  • Key responsibilities of the Executive Sponsor per the Information and Records Management Standard
  • How the Exec Sponsor can fulfill this role
  • Helping your organisation get on board with the role
  • How this effects your information and records management strategy
Meta Mair

Whitepaper by Meta Mair, Principal Consultant.

Tags Governance Document Management Information Management Recordkeeping Central Government Council