Managing & Publishing Critical Documents

Streamline and improve the management of your policies and procedures with Smart Case Files

Document management that users love series

Produced in association with Microsoft New Zealand.

Using the Smart Case Files add-in to SharePoint. All organisations have policies and procedures and yet these often languish, out of date, on intranets. Find out how to streamline and improve the management of your policies and procedures including:

  • Having confidence that the published version is always the current version
  • Restricting policy updates to authorised people only
  • Full audit trails of who changed a policy and when
  • A policy register to manage the review cycle
  • Targeted information presented to users based on their role, activity and device
  • And much more

We use stories from local and central government, health, science and manufacturing to show how to deal with the challenges around security, reliability and publishing. We also show how this design approach can be applied to a range of types of critical documents such as:

  • personnel files
  • meetings and agendas
  • project files
  • contracts
  • asset files
Sarah Heal

Presentation by Sarah Heal, Directors and Co-founder.

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