EDRMS Masterclass

Learn tips & advice on requirements, selection & implementation when you are starting 
afresh or the diagnosis & actions to get the most from an existing EDRMS.

Be able make the right choices so your organisation gets more value from your EDRMS

Learn how to:

icon arrow Get the Right Risk Profile. Understand the risks of different EDRMS approaches, platforms and vendors so your organisation chooses wisely and commits resources where they are needed 

icon arrow Spot common mistakes in selecting and implementing EDRMS, based on real world successes and failures 

icon arrow User Adoption. Building user adoption into the project from Day 1, so the investment is not wasted 

icon arrow Makeovers made easy. Identify key ways of raising the usefulness and usability of your EDRMS, so staff start using it more 

icon arrow Meet and show compliance. Know how to get the most compliance from your EDRMS – in practice and on paper with the audit tool and mandatory standards