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Structure content and get great search in your intranet and document management, on any platform

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Why attend?


You have some responsibility for the management of information in your organisation, for instance you are a IM, record or IT manager, or a EDRMS project manager or part of their support team. You are about to get started and are not sure how to get it right, you've started a project and deployment is running wild, or users are struggling to find things in your existing system.


This practical one day course will teach you the techniques needed for ‘behind the scenes’ structures that will help users to file, find and use the content they need, while making sure organisational and compliance requirements are met.

One day workshop objectives

• Reduce or eliminate staff burden and meet organisational/compliance requirements

• Design a taxonomy including functional business classification and metadata schema

• Pragmatically understand what makes a good taxonomy and avoid common pitfalls

• Hands-on experience in designing a taxonomy that you can apply to your own organisation

• Apply your taxonomy to different IM systems including ECM systems, SharePoint, file shares, Intranet and paper filing

Workshop outline

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Taxonomy design

How to design a successful taxonomy that suits records keeping, business and usability needs

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Taxonomy application

Applying the taxonomy to different systems and the pitfalls to watch out for

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Common mistakes

Learn how to spot and avoid common mistakes when building or re-designing a taxonomy

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Determine metadata

Approaches to determining metadata that support finding and information lifecycles

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Search and find

Principles on planning your findability strategy, including how this is supported by the taxonomy

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Metadata decisions

Learn how to make decisions around metadata including the optimal amount, validation and make-up

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Question and answer

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