Discovery iLab

 A non technical intro for managers, IT people & record keepers.


icon arrow Hands-on one day event

icon arrow Every person is provided with a PC

icon arrow No SharePoint experience required 

icon arrow WHY ATTEND?

This unique iLab combines hands-on training with practical implementation and design considerations to help you decide the right approach for your SharePoint implementation or upgrade.

icon arrow OBJECTIVES

Discover what to use when. Learn the best approach for using key SharePoint features and assets; including navigation, metadata, libraries, lists and search to ensure you get the best solution. Experience the potential of this versatile and powerful content management platform.

Know the 'easy to do' uses of SharePoint that will help you get runs on the board and 'wow' users.

Explore Document management capabilities. Identify opportunities for applying SharePoint to managing documents, business critical email, projects, suppliers and customer collaboration.

Learn Implementation Tips. Come away with insights and ideas to get SharePoint supported and off to the right start within your organisation.

Course Outline

What is SharePoint?

We walk through SharePoint functionality including its electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) functionality and how this compares with current ways of working, including shared drives and intranets.

SharePoint Essentials

icon arrow Overview of SharePoint tools and how to combine these to create value

icon arrow The basic components of a SharePoint site, what they do and how to use them

icon arrow The use of classification and metadata to file and find information

icon arrow Setting up and using permissions to safeguard information

icon arrow Using document approval processes and version control

icon arrow Using collaborative tools such as wikis, joint task lists and discussion boards

icon arrow Searching and sorting documents and information

icon arrow Online and offline management of content

icon arrow Using SharePoint to extract value from existing lists, Word tables, Access databases and Excel spreadsheets


Extending SharePoint

We introduce and demonstrate two powerful extension products that leverage SharePoint use:


icon arrow For accessing SharePoint lists and libraries offline
icon arrow Drag / drop and create new documents offline
icon arrow Email drag/drop from mailbox


icon arrow Extensions we use in business solutions we design and implement
icon arrow Template central - manage templates centrally and make them available wherever teams need them
icon arrow Flexi Viewer - access views of lists or libraries no matter where they reside on the server
icon arrow Smart Folders - simplify case management security, administration and archiving

Records and document management

Appropriate security and permissions give users the confidence and trust to work with SharePoint. Understand the ‘behind the scenes’ actions necessary to set up security and permissions and to conduct user administration

icon arrow Managing views of hard copy and electronic records concurrently

icon arrow Version control and approvals

icon arrow Applying security

icon arrow Options for management of important email

icon arrow Adding and managing metadata

icon arrow Searching and retrieval

icon arrow Applying retention and disposal rules to records

icon arrow How SharePoint can do compliant document management

Simplifying project management

icon arrow Controlling key project documents

icon arrow Managing issues and risk registers in SharePoint

icon arrow Sharing documents and information, in and outside your organisation

icon arrow Document review and update

icon arrow Capturing project insights as they occur

Intranets and know-how

icon arrow Using SharePoint as your intranet

icon arrow Building knowledge bases

icon arrow Making controlled documents, management reporting and templates available

icon arrow Providing aggregated views of documents and information,milestones and KPI's

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Your Tutors

Chrissie Curtis

Chrissie has developed significant expertise in business analysis for SharePoint. This expertise focuses on the provision of enterprise wide solutions to support filing and finding, compliance and intranet technologies. 

View Chrissie's full profile and contact details.


Helen Bennett
B.E. (Engineering Science), Dip. Bus. (Marketing)

Helen is one of those rare people who can communicate effectively as a bridge between technical, lay people and business decision makers. She has undertaken business improvement/IM consultancy work since 1995. 

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Paddy Plunket
Master IM in Information Systems; BA

Paddy is an information management specialist. Her work includes taxonomy development, retention and disposal schedule design, Public Records Act audits and change management.

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