Get Nintex Right

One day in-house event - no Nintex experience required

icon arrow Have you got Nintex and are trying to figure out how to make the best use of it?

icon arrow Are you thinking about better business process interactions for key managers, staff, partners and customers?

icon arrow Do you wish to extend your SharePoint digital workplaces to the field and mobile devices? 

Nintex, focused on the right solutions and implemented well may be the answer for your organisation.

Sure, one of your BAs can rustle up a simple form or workflow. However there is much more involved in shaping effective solutions for the wide range of business problems Nintex is capable of meeting. Come to this unique one day event that blends:


Hands-on use of Nintex from the designer and user perspective

arrow smallGuided tour of the Nintex product suite

arrow smallExample solutions so you gain insights on what is possible

arrow smallKey do's and don'ts for the solutions you choose, expectations you set and how you go about implementing them

arrow smallRealistically how self sufficient you should aim to be, and what current roles Nintex skills should be integrated into

arrow smallAsk, answer and ponder on the key elements of a strategy and roadmap to get Nintex implemented right

arrow smallYou will leave with a 60+ page workbook and a much better understanding of Nintex's capabilities and how to position it internally.

1. Intro to Nintex Forms

arrow smallforms are created and published

arrow smallhow these can be matched to devices and screen sizes

arrow smallconditional data entry

arrow smalladding child items to a form

arrow smalladding barcode, photos and GPS information

arrow smallthe skills required to do good forms 

arrow smallhow forms get connected to lists or libraries

arrow smallusing forms on your phone or PC


2. Intro to Nintex Workflow

arrow smallCreate a simple workflow

arrow smallView more complex ones

arrow smallVisual representation of a workflow - for building it and using it

arrow smallExperience a workflow as a user and options you have

arrow smallUse of email for progressing workflows

arrow smallWorkflow actions and the Flexitasks

arrow smallState Machine workflow concepts, example and usage

arrow smallSnippets - reusing pieces of a workflow

3. What Nintex is good at, and not

arrow smallMaking business process much more user friendly for key managers and users (so they adopt and support them)

arrow smallPack more info into a screen with a well designed form

arrow smallGood user experience for different devices and audience - including customers

arrow smallLeveraging Active Directory

arrow smallOn-boarding staff - automated set up on security and other actions, saves time and increases efficiency

arrow smallBusiness processes between systems

arrow smallCustomer application forms, submissions, service requests and feedback

arrow smallField operations - Photo; GPS; Bar code; QR

arrow smallQuery and return data in user friendly format

4. Your business priorities & business case


"Ignition" solutions that pay for the Nintex upfront costs - often a barrier to get goind

arrow smallDetermine what they are

arrow smallHow to position them, but manage expectations

arrow smallGaining support

"Follow-on" solutions

arrow smallPoint solutions that between them have a big impact on risk, productivity, service and hassle

arrow smallFor example finding and eliminating paper processes and forms

5. Skills and experience; In-house or out-source?

What type of roles and experience are needed to roll-out and sustain Nintex solutions

arrow smallCreating forms

arrow smallFacilitating and doing the "business" design 

arrow smallFacilitating and doing the Nintex configuration

arrow smallSystems architecture related

arrow smallSharePoint information architecture related

arrow smallIntegration with other systems and the ICT environment


How to get people competent if you wish to have these in house - the mix of online courses; workshops and mentoring.

arrow smallWhy this isn't so straightforward

arrow smallInhouse vs external trade-offs

6. Tactics for Implementing Nintex Right

arrow smallprioritising solutions and weeding out unsuitable candidates?

arrow smallhow much functionality?

arrow smallwho to involve, when

arrow smallget the business process right first

arrow smallchange management - energising and working with people

arrow smallcreating and sustaining design rules and patterns

arrow smallgovernance roles and processes

arrow smallintegrating into your digital workplace designs

7. Forming your Roadmap with our Decision DNA model

Using our "Decision DNA" model, we will work through key questions about how you implement.

These form the framework for your roadmap and business case:


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