Information Design iLab

Translate business needs into consistent, sustainable & robust designs that staff will find useful & usable.

icon arrow Hands-on two day event

icon arrow Every person is provided with a PC

icon arrow Some SharePoint experience required 

icon arrow PURPOSE:
Learn how to harness SharePoint so it delivers usable and useful interfaces to users for now and the long haul.

This is a semi-technical course that is designed for business analysts and information management professionals who will be configuring sites, lists and libraries in SharePoint.

Attendees should be familiar with SharePoint concepts or have attended a Power User Course.

icon arrow OBJECTIVES:

When to use what. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of key SharePoint assets such as sites, libraries, lists, metadata, search, content types, navigation.

Fast track design methodology. Learn to use Information Leadership design tools and key questions we ask in our design assignments.

Findability. Understand search, navigation and browse options available and how to give users the best combination.

Metadata/Taxonomy. Zero in on the right amount and combination of metadata and how to incorporate a taxonomy in your designs.

Custom lists. Understand the power of custom lists that quickly provide huge business benefit for teams and the organisation.

Governance Roles and Processes. Keep SharePoint under control and make it a liked and preferred way of managing documents and other content.

Course Outline

Day One

8.30AM- 5.00PM

Introduces the base methodology and tools for determining how to put together interfaces and information assets based on our "structure-metadata sense of place" model


icon arrow Rendering a file plan/taxonomy into sites, libraries, folders and metadata
icon arrow Understanding the strengths and limitations of sites, libraries, folders and metadata
icon arrow Hands-on practice of design concepts and tools, with our paper templates and checklists
icon arrow Hands-on (everyone has a computer) building a site based on the design examples worked through
icon arrow Determining the metadata needs and how to meet these – for ease of capture and allowing users to find content
icon arrow Use of content types to best manage metadata
icon arrow Findability diamond model to decide what search and browse options should be present
icon arrow Exploring these design principles and patterns in action on our demo site and understanding how it is done
icon arrow Locking down designs and setting up governance roles and processes

Day Two

8.30AM- 5.00PM

Allows much of the learning in day 1 to sink in through further interaction and hands-on practice. We also introduce more design themes to build your repertoire


icon arrow Custom lists – what are they, where to find likely applications and simple ways of rendering these, often from existing spreadsheets, word tables and databases, to 'wow' users
icon arrow Hands-on migration of a Custom list and integrating this into a site design to help build users'"sense of place"
icon arrow Migration options to balance effort undertaken with value of making the old content directly available
icon arrow Integrating intranet content with document management needs to start building "Information @ your Fingertips"
icon arrow Design patterns and managing decisions about centralised versus distributed content
icon arrow Hands-on migration of a Custom list and integrating this into a site design to help build users'"sense of place"
icon arrow Bringing it altogether - a 2-3 hour hands-on session building a site from scratch using all the learning
icon arrow Your design problem – an opportunity to gain our feedback on potential solutions and things to watch for

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Your Tutor

Chrissie Curtis

Chrissie has developed significant expertise in business analysis for SharePoint. This expertise focuses on the provision of enterprise wide solutions to support filing and finding, compliance and intranet technologies. 

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