Nintex Introductory Course for Power Users and BAs

Extend SharePoint with Nintex Forms and Workflows




This two day course will provide you with an understanding of how Nintex Forms and Workflow extend SharePoint , enabling power users and BAs to quickly create solutions that meet real business needs.

You will learn about the diverse range of workflow actions that are available and will combine these to automate a common business approval process. You'll also learn how to create forms tailored for specific mobile devices and how to publish these to the web.

After this course you'll be able to build attractive, useful forms and create linear workflow suitable for automating many multi-stage approval processes, such as leave requests, feedback forms, status reports, document approval or safety reports. This course is suitable for business users, analysts or managers. 

Course Outline

Day One

icon arrow Overview of Nintex Workflow

icon arrow Overview of Nintex Forms

icon arrow Setting up a SharePoint list for Nintex forms and workflows

icon arrow Creating a basic form

icon arrow Preview/Publishing forms

icon arrow Overview of the Nintex Mobile App

icon arrow Editing a workflow from a template

icon arrow Hands-on – Creating a simple form and workflow

Day Two

icon arrow Adding more features to forms - calculated values, list lookups, disabling form fields

icon arrow Adding more content to linear workflows - logic, conditional branching, log history reports

icon arrow More hands-on

icon arrow Selecting the right types of business problem to use Nintex for

icon arrow Specific change management issues to watch for and respond to

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Your Tutor

Greg Jack
MBA, BSc, Nintex Pro

Greg does a wide range of SharePoint and technology independent work. He also techically supports our Nintex and implementations and advice.

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