SharePoint for Intranet

Learn how to use out of the box functionality plus our extension products and methodology to get an intranet that is very cost effective and usable.

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 Most intranets underwhelm staff... make yours a winner!

Find out the root causes of this and what you can do about it. Our iLabs give you great hands-on exercises to test and explore how to develop a great intranet - from scratch or as a make-over.

We focus on out of the box SharePoint 2013 capabilities, as well as using some of our iWorkplace extensions to get even more from SharePoint.


Get more value from your intranet

Make your intranet central to how staff work
Understand emerging trends, thinking and ways of getting the intranet right.


Build a plan

Understand the key issues and traps so you can start building your plan to move forward with our tools and thinking.


preconditions model


Save money & hassle

Put money where it is best needed, and avoid unnecessary custom software development. Use the right mix of SharePoint functionality and avoid common traps

Most intranets underwhelm staff... make yours a winner!
Find out the root causes of this and what you can do about it. Our iLabs give you great hands-on exercises to test and explore how to develop a great intranet - from scratch or as a make-over.

We focus on out of the box SharePoint 2013 capabilities, as well as using some of our iWorkplace extensions to get even more from SharePoint..

Course Outline

The changing role of intranets

We start this iLab by exploring emerging trends and how exemplar organisations today are getting real value and traction from their intranets...

The changing role of intranets

icon arrow What has caused so many intranets to underwhelm staff?

icon arrow What has worked well to date?

icon arrow How are expectations changing?

icon arrow What are the specific challenges and opportunities of using SharePoint for intranet?


Changing paradigms

icon arrow Who should "own" the intranet? How the purposing and formatting of content needs to be re-thought

icon arrow Metadata driven, not menu driven architectures?

icon arrow Energising staff to use it - what has changed and what is the same?


Digital Workplace

icon arrow What is this model and why is it so relevant?

icon arrow How can it be applied in SharePoint?


Your self audit

icon arrow What are the key strengthens and weaknesses of your current intranet?

icon arrow What are the key issues to address and what are the next steps?

Introducing our intranet success framework

Our proven preconditions model describes five essential capabilities your intranet needs. All five of the preconditions need to be met for success. Failure in any one can't be compensated for by good achievement in the others.


In the iLab we explore each of these preconditions and use the insights, models and thinking to inform your plan.

Precondition: Content

Creating and capturing content that is current, accurate and convenient for purpose

Capturing content

icon arrow Shaping the content you have for the audience and their needs

icon arrow How to get the right mix of content

icon arrow Tactics to migrate and re-purpose existing content

icon arrow Ways to get feedback so your content remains relevant and current


Sharepoint assets

icon arrow Choosing when and how to best use wikis, publishing pages and lists


Input to your plan

icon arrow What should your priorities be? What simple changes could make a big difference?

Precondition: Architecture

Having reliable, fast & secure systems that have been architected for easy creation, management & finding of content

Metadata tree structures

icon arrow Understand the role and importance of a taxonomy

icon arrow Do's and don'ts in building your taxonomy

icon arrow Dealing with special cases, including subject matter expertise, team sites, collaboration sites, case files, centralised functions



icon arrow Topic metadata versus functional classification and when to use each.

icon arrow The strengths and pitfalls of using different types of metadata, including the term store

icon arrow How to get the optimal amount of metadata - the balance between additional description and avoiding user fatigue in having to enter it


Social Tools

icon arrow Walkthrough the SharePoint 2013 toolset and decide on which tools to use under which conditions and audiences



icon arrow Shaping SharePoint navigation and menus to create the "digital workplace"

icon arrow How to translate a taxonomy into SharePoint


PRA Compliance

icon arrow Options for building in support for recordkeeping and PRA compliance


Input to your plan

icon arrow What design thinking is needed? What metadata do you need?

Precondition: Interact

Usable useful interfaces plus convenient access whenever, wherever it is needed


icon arrow What and when to use different SharePoint functionality including search, views, tag clouds, hub/landing pages and remote views

icon arrow How to create a "sense of place" that intuitively gives staff the boost they need to interact with content


Look and feel; Mobile

icon arrow Getting the right balance of uniqueness and visual attractiveness without spending too much of your budget

icon arrow SharePoint 2013 approaches to creating custom look and feel

icon arrow Mobile and tablet device use, implications and opportunities


Design patterns

icon arrow Specific SharePoint opportunities and challenges

icon arrow Understand key "design patterns", such as for reference documentation, standardised templates and FAQ/knowledge base, task lists, calendars, blogs, newsfeed


Input to your plan

icon arrow What design patterns will you pick? What does usability means for your users?

Precondition: Governance

Roles, rules and processes for setting up & maintaining the intranet & its content

Which model?

icon arrow What governance model is right for your organisation?

icon arrow How to avoid your intranet being hijacked by an influential group


Engaging staff in the journey

icon arrow Building skills, finding and creating content and setting up roles and resposibilities


Empowering safely

icon arrow Empowering teams without losing control of SharePoint

icon arrow Selective, targeted training on "our" way of using SharePoint

icon arrow The role of automated provisioning in reducing set-up time and avoiding giving away administrator permissions that can be mis-used.


Rules and roles

icon arrow What rules and roles are needed?

icon arrow What should you measure and how to report progress

icon arrow How these should be shaped for each quadrant of the digital workplace model - social and collaboration; know-who; know-how; transactional


Input to your plan

icon arrow What governance model will work for your organisation? What measurement and reporting needs to be put in place?

Precondition: Predisposition

How people’s attitude and the organisation’s culture either helps or hinders intranet adoption

Change management tools

icon arrow Our change management "colours" model for getting the right mix of:

  • energising
  • training & support
  • audit & measurement
  • enforcement & burning bridges

icon arrow How to implement with 'Pull' styles where teams and users really want to use the intranet

icon arrow Engaging and influencing key leaders and other stakeholders


Killer apps

icon arrow The power and simplicity of using SharePoint custom lists for "killer apps"

icon arrow What opportunities do you have for killer apps?"


Your plan

icon arrow What is your change focus going to be? Where is the potential for killer apps in your organisation?

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Your Tutors

Helen Bennett
B.E. (Engineering Science), Dip. Bus. (Marketing)

Helen is one of those rare people who can communicate effectively as a bridge between technical, lay people and business decision makers. She has undertaken business improvement/IM consultancy work since 1995. 

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David Seel
NZCE, Dip Mgmt, MCTS

David has significant end to end experience in having led many of our SharePoint ECM and intranet implementations. He has the MCTS qualification and is SharePoint Elite certified by Microsoft NZ.

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Kristy Archer
MCITP - Sharepoint 2010

Kristy has significant experience leading design and implementation projects for SharePoint for document management and intranet across commercial, government, council and education sectors.

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