SharePoint Strategy & Roadmap

Develop short, medium & long term plans to harness SharePoint

Hands-on two day event

Action plan worksheets provided

No SharePoint experience required

Live SharePoint examples/exercises

What is SharePoint's role and how do you get there?

SharePoint's versatility makes it the ideal tool for managing a wide range of information, knowledge and business processes. This iLab will give you the thinking, tools and checklists to help you develop short, medium and long term plans to harness SharePoint and stop it getting out of control.

Starting out? Or time for a review or make-over?

This training is based on our consulting experience with over one hundred SharePoint implementations. At the workshop you'll be able to translate our ideas into actions, principles and decisions that will drive your implementation forward and keep it focused on what your business values.

Use our Decision DNA to ask and answer the vital questions:

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Solid Future

With a roadmap you can ensure that today's decisions are in the best medium-long term interests of your organisation.

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Show the Value

Get SharePoint business focused, staff to love using it, and everyone to see the improvement value it brings.

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Extending SharePoint

Get technology guidance on what is available "out of the box" versus extending SharePoint and software development.

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Put SharePoint on the Map

Put SharePoint on the corporate radar as a powerful new way of improving business information flows and availability. This makes your project easier to fund and implement.

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Save Money & Hassle

Put money and your time where it needed. Avoid unnecessary miss-steps and don't overlook decisions that have little impact now but a significant impact later.

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The Most Appropriate Approach

Every organisation is different. Make informed choices about your approach to infrastructure, information architecture, governance, change management and implementation.


Vision: Digital Workplaces

Targeting the Right Business Priorities

Building the Business Case

Forming your Roadmap

Information Architecture


Change Management

Bringing it all together

Specific Business Solutions


Managing Business Critical Documents

Business Processes and Forms

Knowledge Base

Extranets and Portals

Mobility and Offline

Digital Workplaces for Teams, Projects, Business activities

"Cemented thoughts and knowledge"

"A holistic view of a SharePoint project at the right level of detail"

"Exceeded my expectations"

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