Sarah Heal, co-founder and director, recently discussed what we do on the Canterbury Tech Communications podcast

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Information Leadership is a very dynamic organisation with high standards and a passion for delivering quality advice and services. Our hours and location of working is flexible - trying to get a good balance between your own needs and that of your peers and our clients.


We are more interested in ideas and building them further than in who created them. Peer review is a vital part of how we operate - feedback is a key source of learning, quality control and innovation.


We are far from being the usual IT shop.


Our team of around fifty includes the smartest and most experienced information management and system integration experts in NZ. This spans SharePoint deep technical and information architecture as well as change management, record keeping, governance and human centred solutions design.


We are always learning and growing. We've learnt the knack of bringing people with varying degrees of expertise and experience into our team and then really seeing them blossom. The tightness of the team lets people rub shoulders with the best in the country in an atmosphere of learning, feedback, teamwork and doing a great job for customers.

Our compact size means we don't have or want the usual big company politics and bureaucracy. Instead there's the scope and support for you to just get on and do a great job with your team mates for our customers.

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