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iWorkplace Change & Adoption Framework is a flexible and scalable framework designed to run alongside either a Teams Framework or full ECM implementation.

We often work with an organisation to develop their plan then deliver the parts they wish to outsource and/or provide guidance and support as needed.


Key phases of change & adoption:

Initiate transparent v3


Begin by understanding the nature and scope of the change and clearly articulate what it means to people impacted by the change.

plan transparent v2


Develop and document several plans that will support the implementation of the change.

implement transparent v2


The focus is on ensuring the change activities, as per the plans are implemented.

monitor in BAU transparent v2

Monitor in BAU

The focus is on monitoring, promoting and supporting the adoption of the change.

Working remote in the age of Covid & keeping people engaged

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Things to consider


The success of any project or change is dependent on how many people in the organisation adopt these changes. Taking several key facets into consideration when creating your Change & Adoption plan help you articulate the 'why' behind the change and the 'what's in it for me' at an individual level - all contributing to an increased chance of success.


Key facets to consider include:

Road map teal shadow

Messages & comms plan

Identify key messages for different audiences and how to deliver these.

Shapes teal shadow

Learning styles

Building in a range of complimentary learning and comms styles to capture maximum attention.

Masks teal shadow

People & politics

Identifying and using ways of engaging difficult people and issues.

Name tag teal shadow

Roles & Responsibilities

Working through which people need to be doing what - during the project and into BAU.

Network teal shadow

Champions Network

Building a network of staff who will bring the project alive from within the organisation.

Business man teal shadow

Building executive buy-in

Gain their support with an effective business case plus stakeholder management throughout the project.

Roadsign teal shadow

Roll-out priorities

Working through how, when and who to roll-out to, for maximum effect.

Brain teal shadow

Smart policies & procedures

Determine rules that will work in the real world and how to roll them out and monitor in BAU.

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Really making work better

Testing and holding the designs and implementation to account.

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