Change Management and Governance

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Methodology that works


Methodology that works for any IT and IM project, based upon a proven model that targets a wide range of issues and circumstances.


We will often help an organisation develop their plan and then deliver the parts they wish to out source, and/or provide guidance and support as needed.

The Four Quadrant Model

Governance often conjures up visions of a select group of technocrats meeting regularly to “govern” their SharePoint or other ECM implementation. We see governance is not something you have, it’s something you do.


Here is the overall governance framework that we help organisations put in place:



Charter project & brand



Stakeholder risk crosscheck

Champions network

Bright spots process



Karma cleansing

Learning styles and content

Self sufficiency and training

Training refreshers/induction


Gridlock resolution



Business case

Project rules and governance

BAU roles and governance

Roll-out priorities

Migration and burning bridges

Measure adoption and fix issues



Design wiki

Track design decision making

Design patterns

Audience by need and staircase

UAT expectations

IM policies and principles

Deliver on key facets

teal map location plan strategy roadmap

Messages & comms plan

Identify key messages for different audiences and how to deliver these

teal finger print fingerprint security

Learning styles

Building in a range of complementary learning and comms styles to get maximum attention

teal mask happy and sad acting user

People & Politics

Identifying and using ways of engaging difficult people and issues

teal people team group users

Roles & Responsibilities

Working through what people need to be doing what - during the project and into BAU

teal cheer leader cheer success win team change

Champions Network

Building a network of staff who will bring the project alive within the organisation

teal businessman user business corporate management stakeholder

Building Executive Buy-in

Gain their support with an effective business case plus stakeholder management throughout the project

teal signpost sign plan strategy decision

Roll-out Priorities

Working through how, when and who to roll-out to, for maximum effect

teal brain intelligence plan strategy smart

Smart Policies & Procedures

Determine rules that will work in the real world and how to roll them out and monitor them

teal hand okay ok good success

Really Making Work Better

Testing and holding the designs and implementation to account

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