Smart Guest Management FAQ's

Does Smart Guest Management add a guest account to our organisation's Azure Active Directory?


Yes! Once a guest has been approved, their account will automatically be added to your Azure Active Directory (AAD) and a guest label will be applied to their display name.




Does my guest have to belong to a federated domain to join our team?


No, Smart Guest Management enables you to invite guests to collaborate from any domain, not just highly trusted and federated domains.




Can anyone add a guest to our Teams environment?


With Smart Guest Management users can request for a guest to be added to their team however this request can be accepted or denied by the approver.




What can a guest do once they have been approved?


Once approved, a guest can see, collaborate and work in all of the places they're meant to and none of the places they aren't. This means they can collaborate on files, post in the team, chat one-on-one and participate in meetings.




Can I track the status of guests and what teams guests have been added to?


Yes you can. With Smart Guest Management you can track whether your guest has been approved, if your guest has accepted the invitation to join your environment, when they were given access and what Teams they were given access to.




How does Smart Guest Management differ from Teams Connect and other external guest services?


Smart Guest Management deals with the adhoc user case allowing you to collaborate with users beyond highly trusted and federated business partners.


Smart Guest Management provides an overarching view for long term management of guest access, striking the balance between empowering users to request to collaborate while maintaining central governance and ownership over every guest's access.




How do I add someone back if they have been offboarded?


Simply follow the process of requesting a new guest to re-add them.




How do my existing gests get managed by Smart Guest Management?


Existing guests added via alternative methods will be synced to the Smart Guest Management tracking list.